Our Features
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Live Alerts

Get live entry and exit points, monitor idling, Vehicle services, and maintenance alerts with our real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

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RFID support

We provide a solution that allows Driver or passenger identification using RFID with location.

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We allow fuel sensor integration or manual fuel fill records to generate different kinds of Mileage reports.

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Stoppage alerts

We allow the generation of non-approved stoppage alerts or alerts when vehicles skip a defined stoppage or overstay at a location.

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Overspeed alerts

The device generates alerts when a vehicle is running above a defined threshold limit.

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Parked status

It shows for how long your vehicle has been parked.

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Driver Behavior Reports

We provide an option for a Driver Safety Camera System that observes behavior like Driver fatigue, Mobile Cell phone usage while driving, Smoking, yawning, etc. and records those events along with other parameters like overspeed, harsh breaking, etc. to generate Drive Score Cards.

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GPS-based Queue Management

We provide a facility where clients can manage the queue of reporting vehicles based on their GPS records, limit the number of vehicles in the plant radius dynamically, thus restricting the clustering of vehicles at the plant, and use parking outside city limits for safe parking.

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Mobile and Web Application

The application feature can be accessed via Mobile or Web Interface.

Geo Fence alerts

It alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a defined Geofence area.

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AI-based Driver Monitoring System

The AI-based Driver Monitoring system uses a dashcam to monitor driver behavior and alerts for conditions like Smoking, Dizziness, Distracted eye movements, yawning, etc. It also alerts if the camera is malfunctioning, i.e., there is no camera feed. Alerts are also sent to the control room in real time.

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Driver Alert System

The driver alert system is a voice alert system that alerts the driver in case of events like continuous driving, night driving, and geozone-based alerts like accident-prone areas, so the driver is alerted to drive carefully.

Our Devices
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Personal Tracker

  • A small, compact device with a reliable design
  • Phone calls are available, 2 predefined numbers are supported
  • Suitable for cargo, container, and personal tracking
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Wireless ID Card Personal Tracker

  • Design of a 5 mm ultra-thin and light card
  • Easy to Carry as a keychain or ID Card
  • AGPS + 3LBS + GPRS, GSM quad band 850/900/1800/1900 worldwide
  • Voice alarm, Vibration alarm, Speed alarm, Remote pickup
  • SOS alarm, track playback, electronic fence
  • GPS Precision:<=10m
  • Working Temperature: -20 to +70 degrees
  • N W:36g
  • Battery Backup: 1000 mAh, Standby: 30 daysreal-time tracking: 4 days

Wireless Asset Tracker

  • Real-time positioning and tracking, historical tracking Position checking through
  • Use for containers or assets
  • Multiple Alert Protections
  • Strong Magnetic
  • Built-in Mic with Clear Voice
  • GPS Precision:<=10m
  • Rechargeable Battery: 6000 mAh, Standby: 30 Daysreal-time tracking: 15 days
  • Net Weight: 227 grams
  • Dimension: 80mm(L)*50mm(W)*32mm(H)

AIS 140 Tracker

  • RTO Approved for Transport Vehicles
  • Live Tracking, Ignition Sense, A/C On/Off
  • I/O Elements: Four digital inputs, Two digital outputs, Two analog inputs, and One RS232 Serial Port
  • Wide DC input voltage range (9V-32V)
  • Supports SIM cards: 1.8V and 3V Micro SIMs and Embedded SIMs
  • Internal Battery: 880 mAh, 6 to 8-hour backup
  • 16000 Tracking Records
  • ABS plastic casing with an IP67 rating

Smart 6 Pin GPS Tracker

  • A small, compact device with a reliable design
  • Live Tracking,Ignition Sense, Built-in battery
  • Relay Support for Ignition Cutoff
  • Work under 9- to 90-volt voltage
  • Suitable for Motorcycles and Electric Vehicles
  • Location accuracy: <=10 m
  • Working temperature: -20 to 70 degrees
  • GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/190 MHz
  • Inbuilt Battery: 50 mAh
  • N W:36g
  • Dimension: 72x31x12mm
  • GPRS Class 12, TCP/IP Built-in Module

OBD Plug & Play Vehicle Tracker

  • A small, compact device with a reliable design
  • Used for Live Tracking, Ignition on/off
  • With an internal GPS and GSM Receiver
  • Overspeed Alarm, Vibration Alarm
  • Low Power Alarm
  • Inbuilt Battery: 80 mAh

Small Tracker

  • A small, compact device with a reliable design
  • Live Tracking, Ignition Sense, A C On Off
  • With an internal GPS and GSM Receiver
  • I/O Elements: two digital inputs, one digital output, and one analog input
  • Relay Support for Ignition Cutoff
  • With 5000 waypoints in case of loss of communication link
  • IP 65 enclosure

Intelligent Tracker

  • A small, compact, and rugged device
  • Live Tracking, Ignition Sense, A C On Off
  • Relay Support for Ignition Cutoff
  • I/O Elements: Two digital inputs, One digital output, and One analog input
  • Supports SIM cards: 1.8V and 3V Micro SIM, Embedded SIM
  • Internal Battery: Up to 5 to 6 hours of backup
  • 10,000 Tracking Records
  • IP65 Enclosure for Dust and Water Resistant

Bike EV tracker

  • A small, compact device with a reliable design
  • Live Tracking, Ignition Sense
  • Built-in battery
  • Waterproof
  • Relay Support for Ignition Cutoff
  • Work under 9- to 90-volt voltage
  • 10,000 Tracking Records
  • Suitable for motorcycles and Electric Vehicles
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About Us

Welcome To our
Smart Location Tracking app

Location Tracker is a product of Saltriver Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. Saltriver started its operations in 1997 in India. Over the years, we have evolved from an offshore development partner for third-party software companies in the US and Europe to an established custom software developer with proven technological capabilities and a product portfolio of our own in different Vertical markets. The location tracking device is an embedded GPS or cell-ID-based product that tracks the vehicle's location. We can also offer customized solutions for monitoring vehicle parameters. It communicates via SMS to the central location. Users can get the device's location using SMS. Location Tracker Fleet Management and Asset Management Systems allow end users to increase revenues, reduce costs and risk, and improve their business practices.


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